Comfort, Positioning and Stability: Jay GS Cushion
Comfort, Positioning and Stability: Jay GS Cushion
September 8, 2017
The challenges of complex rehabilitation are greater every day. All healthcare professionals are constantly seeking the best options for each patient in terms of the positioning and comfort that a cushion provides to a wheelchair user. There are several conditions that affect wheelchair users and may cause the pelvis, the spine or the lower limbs to present deformations which, if not corrected or given a good support, end up complicating the situation even more. In these cases it is crucial to have a good...
E-Pacer, the Perfect Hybrid
E-Pacer, the Perfect Hybrid
August 23, 2017
Those of us who work in rehabilitation have the need to use technology for the benefit of the population, always with the aim of allowing the users to involve in their daily activities and to interact with their environment; bringing psychological, biological and social benefits to them. The new Rifton E-Pacer is here to stay and to mark a milestone in how to rehabilitate patients. The benefits in gait training provided by the Pacer system and the characteristics of transfer provided by the Rifton Tram...

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Loh Medical is a supplier of durable medical equipment. We specialize in providing assistive and rehabilitative technology to people with disabilities.

Examples of our products include power mobility equipment such as scooters and power chairs, pediatric pacer gait trainers, and other orthopedic devices. We are experts at assisting medical professionals, distributors and individuals in the selection of appropriate assistive technology, with a special focus on mobility.

We know the logistical and documentation needs of the international markets.

Our technical support assures many years of satisfaction for our customers, and the assurance of innovative solutions for special needs.

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