My Experience with the Levo C3
My Experience with the Levo C3
November 15, 2017
Using the standing motorized C3 wheelchair, customized according to my measurements, functions and diagnosis, is a totally new experience - that feeling of being standing up again and moving. It's so great. It’s important to mention that the weight release and the points of pressure work differently. The perspective I have of people, even of those people I have been seeing for a long while, but from beneath, is different now. Talking to them and interacting with them, but being taller than them now, is...
WHO World Report on Disability [Easy Read Version]
WHO World Report on Disability [Easy Read Version]
November 8, 2017
The World Health Organization has issued a report on the situation of people with disabilities around the world. You can find an easy-to-read version linked below. It offers recommendations for policy and practice that can lead to improving the lives of people with disabilities. World Report on Disability

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Loh Medical is a supplier of durable medical equipment. We specialize in providing assistive and rehabilitative technology to people with disabilities.

Examples of our products include power mobility equipment such as scooters and power chairs, pediatric pacer gait trainers, and other orthopedic devices. We are experts at assisting medical professionals, distributors and individuals in the selection of appropriate assistive technology, with a special focus on mobility.

We know the logistical and documentation needs of the international markets.

Our technical support assures many years of satisfaction for our customers, and the assurance of innovative solutions for special needs.

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