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Last news
We will consider the following points when choosing a specialized wheelchair for users with cerebral palsy.
Now you can enjoy a new website faster, dynamic and safer also know everything that happens in Loh Medical and know a unique browsing experience.
Using the standing motorized C3 wheelchair, customized according to my measurements, functions and diagnosis, is a totally new experience.
Achieving proper positioning in a wheelchair is a team effort involving the therapist, the physiatrist doctor, the rehabilitation specialist and the user. If we are in alignment with each ot
How exciting it is to know that our chairs are already in Mexico and we can share this excellent business opportunity with all of you!
At Loh Medical, we are always innovating and adding new products to our portfolio to keep promoting Mobility and Independence in Latin America.
As physical therapists, when we determine that a student has an increased ability to engage in and participate in a task with the use of adaptive equipment
the Zippie® X'CAPE® wheelchair. It is a highly innovative device with state-of-the-art technology. With its new XLOCK® technology, we can enjoy the benefits of a folding wheelchair
The Jay GS cushion has a firm contoured foam base, apart from several types of wedges and special supports that provide correction and stability; and, at the end of the day.
The new Rifton E-Pacer is here to stay and to mark a milestone in how to rehabilitate patients. The benefits in gait training provided by the Pacer system and the characteristics of transfer