Sports wheelchair options and features

Sports wheelchair options and features

Today we will talk about the importance and difference of a sports wheelchair to that of daily use.

It is important to mention that the characteristics of the sports chair are specific to the activity that is carried out, similar to the soccer player who requires specific shoes for soccer, the one who plays tennis requires shoes for the different court surfaces, or the runner for the track. In this case we will talk about sports chairs for basketball and tennis. There are no semi-sports chairs, since those for daily use are specific for daily life and sports chairs for sports activities. The main differences are the camber of the rear wheels, the front contact bar, the fifth or sixth anti-tip wheels, the straps, the tilt or angle of the seat, height and inclination of the backrest, foot support, among others.

Like wheelchairs for daily use, user measurements and accessories are of the utmost importance so that the chair fully adapts to the level of functionality, type of disability, and level of play of the user. There are options for beginners, intermediate players, and advanced players for recreational or high-performance sports.

To configure a sports wheelchair, the total height, weight, age, level of physical potential or type of disability, the player's classification category 1 to 4.5, the sport (basketball or tennis), category (Open or Quad), as well as where the equipment will be used all need to be considered.

For beginner chairs or in clubs where it can be used by several users, we have the All Court and Club Sport models. The Club Sport comes in standard sizes and fixed parts, where the All Court can be adjusted both in height and center of gravity.

For an intermediate or high-performance level, we have the Elite and Grand Slam models, which are fully customized chairs with a fixed and rigid frame. This is to accommodate users who are more familiar with the specs and accessories they require for better performance. For these models, more measurements and configurations are required to be more precise for the player.

It is important to mention that all models and accessories are manufactured with regulatory specs for games at a national or international level, depending on the user's category.

Contact your local Loh Medical representative for more information on the specifications and options of our sports chair line.

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