Chrome Wheelchair
Chrome Wheelchair
Chrome Wheelchair
Chrome Wheelchair

Chrome Wheelchair

The most important quality of the Chrome is its material. Strength, rigidity, hardenability, wear resistant, corrosion resistant and toughness, in particular! Chrome Moly is a material that undoubtedly has undoubtedly has a bad rep for being very strong but perhaps a little on the heavy side. We have counteracted this and created a light wheelchair from steel by using less material whilst be able to attain the same level of strength required from it.
Functional options
Frame options
Adjustable Upholstery
Frame Material Chrome moly steel frame
Frame Style Rigid
User Weight Capacity 275.5 lbs (125 kg)
Center of Gravity Adjustable or Fixed
Product Weight From 20 lbs (9.1 kg)
Seat Width Bariatric sizes up to 21.5" (55 cm)
Argentina No
Aruba Yes
Bahamas Yes
Barbados Yes
Bermuda Yes
Bolivia No
Bonaire Yes
Brazil No
Chile No
Colombia Yes
Costa Rica No
Curacao Yes
Dominican Republic Yes
Ecuador Yes
El Salvador Yes
Guatemala Yes
Honduras Yes
Jamaica Yes
Mexico Yes
Nicaragua Yes
Panama Yes
Paraguay No
Peru No
Puerto Rico No
Trinidad Yes
Uruguay No