About Us

At Loh Medical our mission is to promote mobility & independence by helping people with physical disabilities through the application of appropriate Assistive Technology.

Medical technology has progressed rapidly in recent years. Today, we have wonderful technology-assisted solutions for people with mobility impairments. It is up to us, as professionals, to integrate this technology into our practices and use them to achieve their life goals.

In support of our mission we offer the following services..


We are knowledgeable about medical regulatory processes in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our experience allows us to advise our clients and train prescribers in the formulation of equipment for people with disabilities.


Our kinesiologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, ATP's and physicians available to demonstrate the appropriate assistive technology solutions for distributors, users, prescribers and funding sources. We constantly train our network of customers in the latest trends in rehabilitation and assistive technology equipment.

Technical assistance:

Our technicians provide quality assurance, personalization of equipment and user training to ensure performance and longevity in our equipment. Warranty support and ongoing service availability promote active function for users to live, work, study, socialize and live their lives actively. We train our distributors with the aim of providing the highest level of technical support.

Product portfolio:

Our product portfolio reflects the diverse needs of our customers. We provide only high-quality, internationally recognized solutions, tailored to each user's unique situation. We seek long-term satisfaction, improving the quality of life of our users via increased mobility & independence.

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