About Us

At Loh Medical we have the mission of providing mobility and independence by helping people with disabilities through the appropriate technology of assistance, in order to achieve each person's life goals.

Medical technology has progressed rapidly in recent years. Today we have wonderful technology-assisted solutions for people with disabilities. It is up to us, as professionals, to integrate this technology into our practices and use them to improve mobility and independence.

In order to achieve this important objective, we offer you our following services.


We know about medical regulatory systems in Latin America and the Caribbean, Our experience allows us to offer advice to the sales force of our distributors, as well as offering training to prescribers of different institutions, in the formulation of equipment for people with disability.


We have personnel such as kinesiologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and highly trained physicians to offer the appropriate solution in assisted technology for distributors and users. We constantly train our network of distributors and doctors, in the latest trends in rehabilitation and assisted technology equipment.

Technical assistance:

We provide the opportunity to people with disabilities through appropriate technology, meeting their needs for mobility and independence, our teams provide the quality, support and technical assistance necessary for the user to have the ability to function in their life more effectively. Independent.

We train our distributors with the aim of providing the highest level of technical support.

Product portfolio:

We have a high product portfolio with the best brands in the market and internationally recognized. We offer an adequate solution for each requirement and / or specific need of the user, promoting long-term satisfaction, improving their quality of life with mobility and independence.

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