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Selfie Photo Contest Rules

Contest Period

The contest begins on August 26, 2019 at 12:01am EST and ends on September 20, 2019 at 11:59pm EST. Entries that are submitted before or after the contest period will be disqualified.

How to enter

Entering to win is as easy as snapping a creative selfie and posting on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #LohSetonix. Make sure your selfie stands out for a better chance to win. Submissions are curated based on personality, creativity & overall presentation. Submissions that contain hateful, inappropriate, or vulgar content will not be accepted. It’s not required, but we recommend following Loh Medical on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to make sure you don’t miss the compilation video.


Most, if not all, of the submissions will make it into the compilation video. Applicants will be sent a request for permission to use your photo within the social media platform used to submit your photo. The 3 best photos will also win an Adidas Originals National backpack and the best 10 will receive $25 USD in Loh Cash. This Loh cash can be used towards the purchase of any product within the Loh Medical product line in your territory. Depending on your territory, the Loh Cash may require a mail in rebate, rather than direct application to your purchase. You will be clearly notified of the best method upon notification of winning.


Information collected from entrants is subject to Loh Medical’s privacy policy.

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