Benefits of the Scooot 4-in-1

November 11, 2020 by Iliari Alarcon.

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Scooot 4-in-1 is a walker/wheelchair for little explorers that help them learn to crawl, propel themselves with their legs and drive a wheelchair.

Scooot 4-in-1 provides an early experience of independence for many children with mobility problems. By doing so, they will have the opportunity to develop physical, cognitive and sensory skills while having lots of fun.

Suitable for children of approx. 2-6 years with a maximum user weight of 22 kg. Scooot 4-in-1 can be used on flat and level surfaces.

With Scooot 4-in-1, the child can:

1. Crawling: will allow children to move and explore by layng on their tummies and using their hands to propel themselves, helping them to strengthen their upper body and abdominal muscles while raising their head and shoulders.

2. Propelling with their legs: will allow children to sit upright and move using their feet. With the support of a belt and a footrest, the trunk and pelvis of the child are supported, leaving them hands free to lift objects, play with the family and explore their environment.

3. Driving: it will allow the child to propel himself along the ground by maneuvering the wheels with their arms. Having fun with this feature can help strengthen their upper body. Exploration and participation can enhance their awareness of space as well as cognitive, sensory, and communication skills.

4. Pooosh: The 4th mode allows for a caretaker to push the child while they ride.

Facilitates play, which is a key factor in the early developmental years of a child's life.

Give your child the opportunity to be independent from an early age, to feel free in the park, at school and at home.

We offer Scooot throughout Latin America. Please do not hesitate to contact the Loh Medical sales representative in your country.

Come and live the Loh Medical experience, with Scooot 4-in-1.

Iliari Alarcón Sales Representative Central America

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