Coyote: Exceeding Expectations

February 3, 2020 by Arturo Valdez

Coyote: Meeting Expectations

Since Coyote’s release in 2017, it has aimed to be a standard wheelchair for quality transfer at a very affordable price. Its most notable features are the tension adjustable backrest, folding frame, quick-release wheels, and the defining, high-tech JAY Basic cushion - an important accessory that makes a big difference.

Those who have used Coyote have been extremely satisfied, and as someone who has used it, I’d like to give my testimony.

The light weight of the chair helps with transfers and makes it very practical when getting in and out of cars or other transportation.

The tension adjustable backrest makes a big difference. Chairs that don’t have this make the user tires very quickly and causes back pain and bad posture. Coyote allows you to readjust and position the backrest to accommodate the posture to the user.

The adjustable footrests, flip-back armrests, 8x1.5” casters, quick-release rear wheel system and price point have made Coyote unlike anything else in its class.

Finally, the option that only Coyote offers – the Jay Basic cushion. The cushion allows the user to spend more time in it without having to worry about discomfort or bad posture.

Contact your local Loh Medical representative to learn more. We would love to hear your experiences with the Coyote!

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