How Simple Positioning Features Reinvent the Folding Wheelchair

January 10, 2019 by Arturo Valdez

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If you aren’t familiar, the Coyote wheelchair is a standard transfer chair with economic width and depth adjustment options. Its frame is made of aluminum which allows easy mobility for any person without requiring much force. Its quick-release, pneumatic rear wheel systems also make it easy to transport in any compact vehicle. Its 8" front wheel allows access to uneven terrain safely and the weight of the user that allows is up to 135 kg.

Coyote Folding, ALuminum, Wheelchair

Loh Medical Coyote Wheelchair

The Loh Medical® Coyote is a lightweight, folding wheelchair at a great price. It offers a quick-release axle, swing-away armrests, adjustable footplates, and an aluminum frame. Its JAY® basic cushion is ideal for users who require minimum to moderate assistance who will use the chair 4 hours a day or less.

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In general, it is your typical folding transfer chair, but there are a few important features that make Coyote different than other similar models. Its tension adjustable backrest can be adjusted over time to keep the back posture as correctly as possible. The other difference is the JAY® Basic cushion. Although it’s a simple cushion, the JAY® Basic offers comfort and correct hip posture to avoid pain. Because the cushion is removeable, it never interferes with folding the chair.

Tension Adjustable Backrest

Tension Adjustable Backrest
JAY® Basic Cushion

JAY® Basic Cushion

These two features increase the maximum time spent in the chair without complications from thirty minutes to approximately four hours. Also because of its light weight, the chair can be propelled independently or assisted. It is the only transfer wheelchair on the market that comes standard with these basic, but necessary features.

Some other aspects of the chair that set it apart are the warranty and cost. This is because at Loh Medical, we are always thinking of how to increase your value and create high quality, accessible products.

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If you aren’t familiar, the Coyote wheelchair is a standard transfer chair with economic width and depth adjustment options.
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