Introducing the New Adaptive Tricycle

November 03, 2022, by Arturo Valdez

One of our main objectives is to ensure that we offer the best technology for each and meet the needs of the user depending on their functional requirements and their environment.

We would like to introduce the new adaptive tricycle, which has been completely updated from its original structure, design and accessories. The new version isn’t just more aesthetic, but each part is created for a real need, both for the user and their attendant.

You will find new accessories for the new model - headrests, backrests, handlebars, seats, wheels, colors, as well as accessories for daily life such as baskets and technical aids.

The adaptive tricycle from the beginning has fulfilled the function of being a rehabilitation activity as well as a therapeutic one. Riding a bicycle allows users with physical or neurological disabilities to participate with total security and integrity. This can also allow them to spend time with their families on a picnic or social activity.

When it comes to physical benefits, it improves leg strength, range of motion, posture, and balance.

Complementing the small and medium size versions, the new large size is for users with a seat to floor measurement from 63 to 96.5 cm up to 140 kg.

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