JAY Fusion with CRYO Technology – Best option for reducing the risk of pressure ulcers

28 de octubre, 2020 por Jorge Ramos.

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A new and revolutionary technology available only for the JAY Fusion cushion arrives in Latin America that stands out by reducing the risk of pressure ulcers. It is a proprietary technology by Sunrise Medical that joins JAY Fluid technology for more options for skin protection.

JAY Fluid with CRYO technology is a revolutionary wheelchair cushion that actively cools the surface of the skin in contact with the insert for up to 8 hours, while distributing pressure, reducing friction, and reducing the risk of moisture. With current cushions, the temperature of the skin in contact with the cushion can reach up to 37 degrees C, increasing the risk of skin damage. By lowering the temperature of the skin in contact with the cushion even as little as 1 degree reduces damage to the skin significantly. The CRYO technology is designed to slightly cool the temperature of the skin in contact with the fluid in a range of 28 to 35 degrees, effectively reducing the risk of skin damage.

How does this cushion control the temperature? Sunrise Medical's exclusive proprietary technology is divided into two key points.

Active Cooling

The JAY Fluid insert with CRYO technology contains millions of paraffin microbeads. These microbeads begin to melt from the local heat. There is a heat transfer and an endothermic phase change that results in a decrease in the temperature of the skin on the insert.

Therapeutic Effect

In addition to the millions of paraffin microbeads, JAY CRYO technology also uses graphite for its excellent thermo-conductive ability. The graphite manages to transfer the heat generated by the skin over the fluid insert to transmit it to the paraffin microbeads to generate an endothermic phase change from solid to liquid paraffin. This heat dispersion continues for up to 8 hours. These microbeads subsequently re-solidify when the insert returns to room temperature or there is no heat applied directly.

With JAY Fusion with CRYO Technology, we managed to control 4 risks associated with pressure ulcers during the use of positioning cushions: Pressure, Friction, Temperature and Humidity.

If you want to know more about this new and exclusive technology, you can contact your sales representative.

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