Loh Medical celebrating a very special birthday!

November 7 - 2018 by Juan Diego Muñoz

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The benefits of tilt are many - weight discharges and change of positioning, better position for feeding, reducing the risk of pressure ulcers, greater control of pelvis, trunk and head, among others. Whenever we talk about tilt-in-space chairs, one may immediately think of heavy chairs, difficult to transport, large and even ugly, or at least they were until 15 years ago. Everything changed with the birth of the Quickie IRIS, a lightweight, versatile chair made of aluminum with tilting system, folding back, infinite sizes, among many other benefits.

Now when we think about tilt, it is not possible to think of anything better than the IRIS, which was designed to optimize the experience not only for users, but also for their caregivers with height adjustable push handles through the touch of just one button, its foot pedal brake system, its disassembly system for portability, among many other options that can be chosen. Now, we not only have a chair with an intelligent rotation system that works in a smooth and delicate way, but we achieve 60 ° of tilt! This being one of the greatest benefits for those who need it most, unique to the IRIS.

And what is the wonderful thing about spatial tilt? The technology refers to the fact that the seat revolves around the user's center of gravity, this means that it takes almost no effort to tilt the chair, likewise, it will be very smooth for the user, inhibiting muscle tone and achieving greater comfort when in use.

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The IRIS will always be recommended for people who can not make position changes themselves and those who always depend on a caregiver to accompany them in their daily activities. If you know someone who can benefit from the IRIS, do not hesitate to contact us. Loh Medical will always be at your service.

After many years and we continue innovating! Today we want to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the birth of the IRIS, one of our iconic chairs.

Loh Medical, Mobility & Independence.

Juan Diego Muñoz Commercial Director Colombia

Juan Diego loves his pet "Rony", enjoys doing his job well and helping people improve their quality of life.

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