Loh Medical interviews Gabriel Copola competitive table tennis player | Argentina

August 03rd, 2021 by Navarre Dickson

1. What disability do you have? When was it acquired or were you born with it?
My disability of a traumatic T4 spinal cord injury was acquired at 11 years of age after an accident while riding a bicycle.

2. What sport do you do and how long have you been doing it?
The sport I practice is adapted table tennis, I have played it for about 20 years.

3. How did you find out about and get started in adapted sport?
I found out about adapted sport because I saw an athlete on a television program. We are talking about 1996 where there were still no social networks. This athlete had won a Paralympic table tennis medal at Atlanta '96. Some years later I was able to participate in a day for children and youth of various sports, among them, was table tennis. That's where the passion was born. I competed that day and we found a club to be able to practice it and I never stopped.

4. What category are you and how is classification in for the sport you practice?
My category in sport is Class 3 men and the classification was made in a classification meeting in the Parapan American Games in Mexico 99.

5. What equipment do you use for daily use and your sport?
My equipment for daily use is my paddle, my bag with a towel, water and other accessories to accompany the training. Also, I use my wheelchair that fits my needs for athletic performance. This chair is the same one that I use every day for the rest of my routines.

6. What do you think of the inclusion of high performance sports today at the international level?
High-performance sport is in full swing from the visibility that exists through social networks, documentaries, and the interest of people to know the different sports and their athletes. At the sporting level, the competition is becoming more and more demanding since there are policies of economic support, sponsors, technological development, equipment, and other details that place the athlete in a possibility of demanding himself to the maximum and developing as a full athlete.

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