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Loh Medical Launches Website and Online Store for Colombia


The digital era is a reality that involves all people. With the development of new mobile technologies it is necessary to be updated and connected in a global network that keeps us abreast of everything that happens every second in any corner of the world. The internet has been the number one ally in this task. There are currently more than one billion web pages and this number continues to increase exponentially, most businesses already have a website that in addition to serving as a showcase for their products becomes a communication channel with their clients, a way to be in contact with them and to make known everything that happens inside and outside the business.

The internet makes life easier because it saves time and puts all the information within reach of a click. Thinking about this at Loh Medical, we decided to renew our website. It is likely that you have already noticed that the site is completely redesigned. The main objective of the update is to offer our customers a more pleasant experience of navigation in a more friendly and easy to use environment. We focus on a fresh and modern design without losing the attention to detail that characterizes us. 

The process of updating and implementing the new website began in mid-2017, starting from the web site that was functioning since 2013. The goal was to maintain the same information, but to improve in terms of design, form and content so that our regular and new users can find an optimized web site that allows them to know about all our products, allied brands, outstanding news, how to contact us and of course, communicate immediately with us through our traditional chat online.

The assembly of the page was a long task, it required a lot of work and effort, mainly because all the information was loaded manually, then the content of each of the products had to be verified and the design details could not be forgotten. The most important thing was the languages. We had to make 3 new sites: English, Spanish and Portuguese. Once the information was loaded the verification process and all the functional tests were carried out, with a few days until the first launch date, things got complicated. There were several adjustments to be made and that would affect the original model and that would cause delays in our airing, so we continued working, adjusting, loading information, received comments and feedback from the other areas of the company - always with the aim of going live.

The date finally arrived and at the end of January 2018 our website was launched with many expectations and hoping to meet the goals that were set from the beginning, "Make a friendly and simple to use website so that our customers know everything that happens in Loh Medical" combined with the vision of the company which is to achieve the mobility and independence of our users. We want them to be able to navigate freely through all the sections, know our products, see photos, download information from our equipment and most importantly, keep in touch with us.


What's the new on the website?

1. For our users in Colombia we have launched the online store, now they can buy through a secure website some of our most important equipment, always supported by our sales team and physiotherapists.

2. Now, you can select your country to view the page in your native language. Our site is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

3.We have implemented a social media bar within our products so you can share them with your friends and family.

4.We have designed the menu to make navigation easier and the products easy to find, simplifying the categories.

5.We have included search filters that will facilitate the finding process for the equipment that you need depending on the assistance level or the brand that you want to find.

6.We have optimized the visualization of our site for mobile screens (Cell phones and tablets)

But we will let our users who explore the new environment and send us your comments, questions, suggestions or requests to , your contributions are very important to continue improve our web page.


Welcome to the New!

Laura Morales Ecommerce Assistant

Cinephile, melomaniac and doesn't tolerate bad grammar, she also likes to read about trends and news..

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