Maximizing Battery Life on Your Mobility Scooter or Power Chair

April 21, 2021 by Rodrigo Alarcón

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Over the past few years, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds including the development of power chair batteries.

In this article we will help you clarify the main precautions you should take to maximize the life of your battery for both motorized chairs and electric scooters.

One characteristic that batteries for mobility equipment have in common is that they are designed to release energy constantly over a long period of time, in contrast to other batteries that exist on the market such as those for automobiles that are created to release large amounts of energy over short periods of time.

Below are 5 bullet points that will keep your batteries working longer:

1. Recharge the batteries of your electric wheelchair every night, regardless of the greater or lesser use that you have given the chair during the day, you should recharge the batteries every night.

2. Never interrupt the charging cycle. Leave it undisturbed until morning to complete the recharge and do not cut the charge cycle.

3. If you are not going to use the chair continuously, it is recommended that you leave it plugged into the charger, until you are going to use it. This will not damage the batteries if the charger is connected to power. If the charger is not connected to the current, the batteries can become discharged.

4. If you only use your electric wheelchair to go outside, and you are forced to leave it standing for more than 15 days, disconnect the cable that connects both batteries, but make sure that you carry out at least one complete charge a week.

5. You should regularly check the battery terminals for signs of corrosion. If there is corrosion, clean the terminals thoroughly (a wire brush works best) and re-grease the terminal with petroleum jelly (not ordinary oil). Make sure the terminal nuts, bolts, the wire clip, and the exposed wire are completely covered in petroleum jelly.

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In this article we will help you clarify the main precautions you should take to maximize the life of your battery for both motorized chairs and electric scooters.
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