Power Chair Drive System Options

November 26, 2020 by Rodrigo Alarcon.

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Today, seeing a power wheelchair on the streets of Latin America and the Caribbean has become more common than it was a few years ago. The world of power chairs has undergone multiple changes and improvements thanks to technology. Loh Medical provides its users with lightweight, adjustable, personalized, transportable power chairs with cutting-edge technology.

For the most part, power chairs are for users who cannot efficiently self-propel in manual wheelchairs, elderly patients, or patients with some type of neurological damage and loss of mobility.

A power chair can often be a big investment, so it's important to take into account the following points so that this investment accommodates the needs of the user, the users' physical therapist, and the surrounding environment of the patient.

- Use of the wheelchair: Indoor, outdoor or mixed.

- Type of terrain where the chair will be used.

- Type of frame: Rigid or folding.

- User weight.

- Types of batteries.

- Engine power.

- Types of controllers associated with the chair.

- Tilt/recline options.

- Technical service.

- Drive system.

Regarding the drive system, we will find front-wheel drive, mid-wheel-drive and rear-wheel drive power chairs.

Front-wheel drive chairs, are propelled by the front wheels. This is a good option for outdoor use as it will allow you to pass over uneven surfaces without any problems, however, it requires greater handling experience than the other drive systems.

Mid-wheel drive power chairs, such as our Q series, have six wheels. The central wheels have a larger diameter and are responsible for propelling the chair. This type of chair has very intuitive handling and a small turning radius. This type of chair is recommended for outdoor use and for users who have a good level of proximal stability to achieve distal functionality.

Rear-wheel drive power chairs, like our Felix chair, are the most common to see on a day-to-day basis. The rear wheels propel the chair, so they are larger in diameter than the front ones and offer good balance while driving. Their ability to traverse uneven surfaces without problems make them the most suitable chairs for a first-time user.

Regardless of the type of chair, it will always be necessary for it to cater to the user's postural and independence needs, so we always recommend an evaluation before choosing a power chair.

Rodrigo Alarcon Chile & Peru Sales Rep.

Rodrigo is a Physical Therapist; specialist in rehabilitation; and a lover of sports, the mountains and photography.

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