Pros and Cons & the Future of Post-pandemic Telemedicine

May 27, 2021 by María Inés Seyler

Telemedicina: pros y contras

Telemedicine refers to long- distance medicine where health professionals provide medical assistance using information technology and telecommunications.

During the pandemic, telemedicine has been implemented as the only treatment option on many occasions. Even hospitalized patients communicate with their treating physicians via phone or video calls.

One of the great advantages of this system is that it allows individuals to connect with different health professionals, either from the same country or other countries, and to be able to instantly get opinions and suggestions from expert health professionals. Hospitals have been working in this way for some time, especially in areas of evaluation, diagnosis and in discussion forums about treatment alternatives for decision-making in complex therapeutic cases.

In addition to being able to link professionals for the purpose of disseminating complex cases, telemedicine also encompasses the entire series of online trainings. Video calls and instant communication options have allowed us to get closer to experts, listen to them live and learn directly from them.

Another favorable aspect of telemedicine is that it has been possible for health professionals to continue providing treatment in various fields: therapists, psychologists, psychopedagogues, social workers, special teachers, among others. Despite quarantine, it was possible to maintain contact with patients to continue working on their recovery and rehabilitation.

In my time as a physical therapist dedicated full-time to the distribution of mobility and independence equipment for people with disabilities, I have been able to get much closer to end users through online assessment and offer the most suitable equipment. I have also been able to host product training sessions with my distributors virtually, using all available means. It is a great tool.

As a disadvantage, I believe that telemedicine will never replace physical contact and face-to-face assessment of the patient. Screens have many limitations. Physical contact gives us much more than an image through a screen and there are many aspects of human relationships, and even more of bodily experiences, that can only be appreciated physically.

For the future, I am sure that we are much better prepared to carry out telemedicine when necessary and it is something that is here to stay.

Maria Ines Seyler, ATP Mexico Sales Manager

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