What is the best cushion for you?

October 2, 2020 by Rodrigo Alarcon

Optimal positioning Teamwork

We will begin by defining the main objective of a wheelchair - to prevent pressure injuries.

Pressure injuries are areas of skin that are damaged by staying in the same position for too long. They commonly form where the bones are closest to the skin, such as the ankles, heels, and hips. The risk is greater if you are confined to a bed, use a wheelchair, or cannot change position. Pressure injuries can cause serious infections, some of which can be life-threatening. The weight of the body compresses the blood vessels, preventing them from supplying the tissue with blood, so the skin begins to die.

Pressure injures can appear in various forms: from a small red spot, a hardening of the skin, to an open wound, which can be superficial or reach the muscle or bone in the most serious cases.

A proper cushion can help prevent these injuries. The objective is to reduce the support pressure and allow better circulation in the skin.

The second objective is the correct positioning of the user's pelvis on the cushion. If correct pelvic alignment is maintained, it will improve the general posture of the patient, aligning the spine and lower extremities.

Other complementary objectives include reducing friction in the ischial area and absorbing moisture in the patient's risk areas.

Within our product portfolio, there is a diverse range of cushions that can help you meet these objectives, but we have to be clear that there is no single cushion for all users, since each patient is unique with their own characteristics. Make sure you speak with a physician to determine a good positioning system.

There are basic cushions, such as the JAY Basic or the JAY BasicPRO that focus mainly on very active patients or older adults who need a wheelchair. There are also cushions that provide greater positioning performance such as a Jay Fusion or a JAY Easy for active patients who require greater pelvic support. Lastly, the are cushions designed for complete pelvic positioning for patients with neurological damage such as a JAY GS.

Recently, new technologies have been developed such as that of the JAY Fusion with Cryo Technology that can maintain a lower local temperature in the ischial areas compared to other cushions to prevent the possibility of sweating.

This technology has revolutionized skin care and we are very proud to offering this technology to our prescribers, rehabilitators, users, and their families..

I invite you to contact us for more information about our wide range of products. Come live the Loh Medical experience - we are Mobility and Independence.

Rodrigo Alarcon Chile & Peru Sales Rep.

Rodrigo is a Physical Therapist; specialist in rehabilitation; and a lover of sports, the mountains and photography.

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We will begin by defining the main objective of a wheelchair - to prevent pressure injuries.