The new Access Chair

October 12, 2022, by María Inés Seyler

The new Access chair is an aluminum wheelchair that offers tilt-in-space of up to 25 degrees. It can be configured with very low front seat heights that allow the user to self-propel themselves with their feet if they wish.

The user can also propel the chair with their hands using the push rims. Because of the design and materials, this chair is very easy to handle despite being a tilt-in-space wheelchair, making it a great option for those seeking independence.

The tilting is done through a knee pivot mechanism that makes it possible for the chair not to modify the previous seat height while tilting, in this way we guarantee that the user, even with a 25° tilt, can continue with the propulsion management through your feet.

The Access chair can be combined with most of the backrests available on the market and is also compatible with the different models of cushions. It has a wide range of arm and leg support options to ensure the correct position of the user in the chair. The tilting mechanism is through a pivot on the knee that does not affect the front height of the seat when the chair is tilted.

The rear wheels are easy to remove and the backrest posts can be folded forward for storage and can be transported in a standard vehicle. The frame weighs approximately 32 lbs., it can be easily lifted and moved.

Maria Ines Seyler, ATP Education Manager

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