What can be done to help older adults stay independent at home?

October 15, 2021 by Jorge Ramos.

What can be done to help older adults

Physical activity is important at any age as part of good health habits. It is important that physical activity is adapted to the physical state of the individual in addition to the personal tastes of each one. Physical activity has become more relevant recently as a result of restrictions and confinement by COVID-19. For children, youth and young adults, it may not be so difficult to exercise at home since there are many activities for their age. For this reason, adults over 60 are the ones who are most affected. Many who opted for walks in the open air prefer not to take risks because they are a population at risk. Now a sedentary lifestyle has taken a leading role in addition to a high calorie intake.

Many of the older adults now spend more time on social networks and watching various streaming platforms while sitting in their chairs or lying on their bed. Little by little, the lack of activity causes a decrease in natural muscle mass and is accelerated by a sedentary lifestyle. After spending more time sitting or lying down, getting out of bed or up from seats that are sometimes not suitable causes fatigue. Greater effort sometimes limits the rest of daily activities linke cooking, washing dishes, and especially physical activity. Older adults use a lot of energy and effort to stand up and little by little this activity can even raise the risk of a fall.

There are some household aids that can make it easier for an adult to stand up. These are known as lift chairs. These are chairs that have the ability to raise the seat by means of a motor and operated with a simple hand control so that the elderly or anyone with problems standing up can do so with minimal effort. These chairs are very practical since they are not medical devices and their appearance is very natural like that of a recliner. It is important to mention that these lift chairs are also capable of reclining. In this way, they meet all the needs of users, from going from a resting position to standing with the same equipment, with the press of a button.

What do we achieve with this equipment? We help older adults conserve their energy by helping them to stand up and that this energy can be used for other physical activities.

These armchairs are not just for home use for older adults. It has many more benefits. Some of its other possible uses are:

  • Inpatients or at home with postoperative difficulty standing up.

  • Postpartum or post cesarean mothers.

  • Nursing mothers.

  • Pregnant women in a waiting room or at home.

  • Nursing homes for the elderly.

  • Rehabilitation centers.

  • People with muscle weakness.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, or chronic low back pain.

Majut is a lift chair that allows the user to sit, stand or lie down with a simple push of a button on the hand control. It has an elegant and simple design that will make the armchair combine perfectly in the space it is placed. You can find more about this chair MAJUT Loh Medical.

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