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Activity Chair

SKU: R820
Price: $3,590

Therapists everywhere tell us the Rifton Activity Chair is perfect for feeding, speech therapy, active learning, and for clients with behavioral challenges. Not only that; parents see what it can do for their child in the classroom and realize how much they need it at home, too. Rifton’s clinical positioning chair has revolutionized active seating. Versatile, adaptable, durable – this is a chair therapists designed.


Tool-free Adjustments 

With all adjustments easy to make — and no tools required — the Rifton Activity chair is an ideal choice for the busy special needs classroom or at home.


Adjust with Client in Chair

Unlike a reclining wheelchair, the Rifton Activity chair can be easily adjusted while a client is in the chair. This saves time and makes adjustments much simpler to gauge.



All Rifton Activity Chairs have tilt-in-space, which encourages sit-to-stand and resting positions. Tilt-in-space can be activated tool-free while your client is in the chair.
The standard base tilts 15° forward and 15° back while the hi/lo base tilts 15° forward and 25° back.

In addition to tilt-in-space, every Rifton Activity Chair's backrest angle adjusts 5° forward and 20° back.


Spring Option

The optional seat and backrest springs on the Rifton Activity Chair standard base (and the backrest spring in the hi/lo base) allow for calming through self-generated motion – ideal for clients with autism. The spring column can be locked when not in use.


Arm Support Options

Armrests provide lateral boundaries as well as upper extremity weight-bearing assist to aid trunk control. Rifton’s armrests can be raised or lowered individually to accommodate clients who need extra trunk stabilization and can be set at angles ranging from horizontal to 60° up or down. The tray accessory attaches to the armrests.


Forearm prompts facilitate head and trunk control while sitting and secure distal placement of upper extremities. This enables the use of the pelvic girdle and trunk core muscles for improved postural stabilization and strengthening. Rifton’s forearm prompts are fully adjustable for optimum positioning.

Hi/Lo Base Foot Pump

The large and medium hi/lo bases are height-adjustable via a foot pump. The foot pump allows you to lower the client in the chair until his or her feet are on the floor, or raise it to a 32" (81.3 cm) high table. The chair's height can also be easily set for lateral transfers. The small hi/lo base is equipped with a gas spring to serve the same function.

Caster Swivel Lock

When the caster swivel lock is engaged, the Activity chair can be pushed in a straight line without drifting to the side. When lock is disengaged, casters will swivel and the chair can be maneuvered into tight spaces.


Choice of 6 Pad Colors

Comfortable seat and backrest pads are essential for providing cushioned support and preventing decubiti. Rifton’s backrest and seat pads are made of polyurethane foam covered with a cleanable, health care-grade polyurethane-coated fabric. The seat pads can be turned front to back for longer wear. Pads are available in 6 color choices.


Standard Base Leg Options

Long or short height-adjustable legs, either stationary or with casters for the Standard base: Adjustable in 1" (2.5 cm) increments, these legs allow you to position your client at optimum height. The grippy tips of the stationary legs are designed to keep your client from sliding and moving across the floor, even with dynamic rocking. The legs with casters are an added feature, making your standard base chair easy to move when transitioning from one classroom to another.

Distance between laterals5.5" - 11.5" (14 cm - 29.2 cm)
Maximum working load75 lbs (34 kg)
Seat Depth7" - 11" (17.8 cm - 28 cm) with "mi
8" - 12" (20.3 cm - 30.5 cm)
Armrest height above seat5" - 7.5" (12.7 cm - 19.1 cm)
Backrest angle5° forward, 20° back
Backrest height12.5" - 15.5" (31.8 cm - 39.4 cm)
Frame widthlong legs with casters: 23.5" (59.7 cm)
long legs: 23" (58.4 cm)
short legs with casters: 22.5" (57.2 cm)
short legs: 21" (53.3 cm) 
Headrest height above seat14.5" - 21" (36.3 cm - 53.3 cm)
Seat angle for tilt–in–space15° forward, 15° back
Seat height above floorlong legs with casters: 23.5" (59.7 cm)
long legs: 23" (58.4 cm)
short legs with casters: 22.5" (57.2 cm)
short legs: 21" (53.3 cm) 
Seat height above footboard6" - 9" (15.2 cm - 22.9 cm)
9" - 12" (22.9 cm - 30.5 cm)
Seat width with hip guides7" - 9" (17.8 cm - 22.9 cm)
Seat width without hip guides12" (30.5 cm)

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