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Fit Back

SKU: 477777
Price: $150


The Jay Fit back provides multiple opportunities for positioning and growth.

With its anatomical shape and multiple settings, the Jay Fit back gives the patient greater comfort and independence, providing trunk stability and proper positioning. It has thoracic lateral and head supports that contribute to the correct position of the user.



   • Lightweight, adjustable, contoured, with wide contact surface to improve trunk stability, comfort and reduce the tone of a spastic patient
   • Aluminum plate with universal headrest plate
   • Postero-lateral pelvic supports for positioning of the pelvis and spine growth in the midline
   • Subsequent adjustments Anchors depth, width, height and angle
   • Breathable cover. Optional: Resistant to incontinence and colors (blue, red, purple and pink)

Cover typeand in different colors
Breathable. Optional resistant incontinence
Depth10" - 22" (25 - 55 cm)
Max user weight250 lbs (113 kg)
Width10" - 18" (25 - 45 cm)

Measures Wheelchairs

guia de talla

A) Deep

B) Back height

C) Width