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Fusion Cushion

Price: $450

Combining the J2's skin protection capabilities with the J3's maximum stability

The JAY® Fusion™ is an adjustable cushion designed for skin protection that features JAY Flow™ Fluid or ROHO DRY FLOATATION® air insert options in a package that's comfortable, stable and supportive.


JAY Fusion with Cryo™ Technology

JAY Flow® Fluid, CryoFluid, or JAY® Air™ Inserts
Mobility Product Award 2020. Introducing CryoFluid, the new revolutionary fluid option available for the JAY Fusion cushion that excels at reducing the risk of pressure injuries. Patent-pending CryoFluid is now being offered alongside industry favorite JAY Flow® Fluid to provide more options for skin protection. CryoFluid actively cools the seated skin surface for up to 8 hours* while evenly distributing pressure, reducing shear, and lowering the risk of moisture. Learn more about Cryo Technology. * Internal testing data at 25°C. Results may vary.

Pelvic Loading Area Determined by Common Skeletal Measurements
The width of the Fusion's Pelvic Loading Area was determined by using the average pelvic bone measurements of users of each cushion width. This accommodates the vast majority of individuals, offering forward and lateral stability that is easy to modify for proper positioning, and optimal immersion and weight distribution to protect the skin from breakdown.

Pelvic Loading Area Determined by Common Skeletal Measurements
JAY Flow® Fluid, CryoFluid, or JAY® Air™ Inserts

JAY Flow® Fluid, CryoFluid, or JAY® Air™ Inserts
The Fusion wheelchair cushion may be ordered with JAY Flow fluid, CryoFluid, or JAY® Air™ inserts, which conform to each individual's shape, adjust to sitting positions, and ensure proper fluid placement beneath bony prominences to help protect the skin from breakdown. The fluid pad's zero-maintenance design delivers superior results for the life of the cushion. The air insert's air levels may be adjusted in the field to accommodate asymmetrical postures and changing needs.

Innovative Cover Technology
For convenience and protection, the JAY Fusion features a dual-cover system. The water-resistant inner cover is easy to clean and includes anti-wicking seam thread and Aqua-guard zipper for foam protection. The machine-washable, stretch outer cover utilizes naturally anti-microbial, silver-impregnated Ionic+™ fiber. A layer of 3DX spacer fabric promotes airflow for additional skin protection. The Fusion's outer cover now includes a handle for easy removal, zipper cover flap for a clean look, waterfall seams for enhanced comfort, and a QR scan code on the label for quick access to this web page.

Innovative Cover Technology
Multi-Layered, Contoured Foam Base

Multi-Layered, Contoured Foam Base
The Fusion features a pre-contoured closed cell base that provides lateral and forward stability that is easy to modify. The pre-contoured high resiliency foam layer base with posterior pelvic wall provides positioning of the pelvis and thighs & reduces fluid migration. Additional positioning is provided by the soft, contoured top layer. Its femoral transition and rear wall help prevent fluid migration while gently supporting the trochanters and posterior pelvis. Choose the Reduced Profile Option to lower the Fusion's overall height by ⅝" and maintain a lower seat-to-floor height.

HCPCS CodeE2622/E2623
Weight Capacity14" to 21" (36 to 53.3cm)widths:300 lbs(
22" to 24"(55.9 to 61cm) widths: 500 lbs
Basehigh-resiliency foam layer with posterior
Pre-contoured closed cell foam base with
Depth Range14" to 24" ( 35.6 cm to 61 cm)
Height4" (10.2 cm)
Inner CoverDartex® coated Lycra® with Aquaguard
zipper and anti-wicking thread
InsertJAY Flow™ fluid tripad
ROHO DRY FLOATATION® single or dual valve
JAY Your Way CustomizationsYes
Outer CoverX-static® silver thread stretch
Product TypeFoam & Air Cushion
Foam & Fluid Cushion
Product Weight5.3 lbs. (2.4 kg) (16x18)
Width Range14" to 24" (35.6 cm to 61 cm)

Measures Wheelchairs

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A) Deep

B) Back height

C) Width