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Firefly Friends
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GoTo Seat

Price: $650

Adjustable seats for kids with 'can go' attitudes

GoTo Seat is a lightweight, portable, postural support seat for children with special needs.

A GoTo makes daily tasks easier, and means kids don’t need to miss out. It’s a little piece of independence that lets kids see the world from a new perspective and feel they’re at the heart of the action.

Adjustable Head Supports

Adjustable Head Supports
Pick a standard headrest for simple contoured comfort or the advanced headrest which offers more sculpted support.

Adjustable Laterals
The laterals move high, low, wide or narrow to give a reassuring ‘hug’, while the head support slides up and down to the ideal height. It keeps kids happy, safe and comfy.

Adjustable Laterals

The new and improved Floorsitter has 26 recline positions. It's ideal for finding the exact level of support your little one needs for playtime or a power nap

Pressure Cushion
The memory foam is scientifically-proven to distribute your child's weight evenly, so they can play even longer.

Pressure Cushion
Seat Depth:Medium: 175mm/7"
Max. WeightLarge: 30kg/66lbs
Medium: 15kg/33lbs
Seat DepthLarge: 244mm/9.5"
Age RangeLarge: 3-8 years
Medium: 1-3 years
Seat base to top headrest MaxLarge: 680mm/27"
Medium: 540mm/21"
Seat base to top headrest MinLarge: 510mm/20"
Medium: 380mm/14"
Lateral support width MaxLarge: 260mm/10"
Medium: 260mm/10"
Lateral support width MinLarge: 210mm/8"
Medium: 190mm/7.5"
BrandFirefly Friends

Measures Wheelchairs

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A) Deep

B) Back height

C) Width