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Quickie IRIS

Price: $2,895

The superior standard for rotation-in-space technology. The Quickie® IRIS™ is the ultimate tilt-in-space wheelchair. With 55° of Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology, the broadest range of positioning and caregiver options, and numerous adjustments, it's hard to believe that the IRIS™ is also the lightest tilt-in-space wheelchair available today.

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Frame Color Options
Power tilt, attendant control, toggle switch

Power tilt, attendant control, toggle switch
The power tilt option gives the user more control over the position of their body in space and improves comfort by assisting with sitting tolerance. It provides more independence to participate in daily activities and to engage more with the world and others. Power tilt is available for the IRIS, IRIS Heavy Duty, and the SR45. Allows the caregiver to give control of the tilt function to the user. The battery gauge is displayed on the top of the control so you never have to guess when it's time to charge. Ability to conveniently hang the attendant control anywhere on the chair. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally depending on needs. Charging port is conveniently located on the toggle switch for easy access.

40° or 55° of intelligent rotation in space technology
Intelligent Rotation in Space technology means the seat frame rotates around the user's center of gravity. This results in a smooth tilting motion that is easy for you to control and allows for the shortest possible wheelbase that is easy for you to maneuver. The IRIS manual wheelchair features 40° or 55° rotation ranges that can be set to achieve up to 45° or 60° of posterior rotation for superior positioning. The Quickie IRIS now features a new Standard weight capacity of 300 lbs and Heavy Duty weight capacity of 400 lbs.

40° or 55° of intelligent rotation in space technology
JAY lower extremity support

JAY lower extremity support
The new JAY Lower Extremity Support option is fully integrated into the Quickie IRIS hanger mount. The swing in/out latch mechanism design makes changing hangers from the lower extremity support a very intuitive process. Available in two pad sizes, the technology allows for vertical and horizontal angle adjustment to achieve the proper support for our clients' needs.

MONO backrest system® option
The MONO Backrest System's single-post offers limitless seating and positioning capabilities. By mounting the backrest to a single central post, the backrest and chair widths may be selected independently, hardware interference is eliminated to allow for infinite adjustment of lateral thoracic supports, and the backrest can achieve 2” of midline backrest offset. The MONO Backrest System offers an optional dynamic function, 35° angle adjustment, and folds forward for easy transport.

MONO backrest system® option
Intuitive hanger designs

Intuitive hanger designs
The IRIS's new swing-in/swing-out hanger design features an intuitive bi-directional release lever that follows your hand's movement. A tapered locking mechanism prevents the hanger from loosening over time. The Elevating/Articulating Legrest includes 2" of height adjustment to better align with the knee joint for a natural motion. Audible clicks index its position as it is elevated. The improved latch mechanism allows swapping between swing-in/swing-out hangers and ELR/ALR without additional hardware.

Back Height15" to 21 (38.1 cm to 53.3 cm)
18" to 24" (45.7 cm to 61 cm)
Anti-TipsRear Anti-tips
ArmrestsAdjustable Locking Flip-up
Dual Post Flip Back Height Adjustable 
Dual Post Flip Back 
Dual Post Height Adjustable 
Dual Post 
Length Adjustable Locking Flip-Up 
Single Post Height Adjustable 
AxleQuick Release 
Back UpholsteryJ3
Caster Wheels4" x 1.25" (10.2 cm x 3.2 cm) Semi-Pneum
5" x 1" (12.7 cm x 2.5 cm) Polyurethane 
5" x 1.5" (12.7 cm x 3.8 cm) Semi-Pneuma
6" x 1" (15.2 cm x 2.5 cm) Polyurethane 
6" x 1.5" (15.2 cm x 3.8 cm) Semi Pneuma
8" x 1" (20.3 cm x 2.5 cm) Polyurethane 
8" x 1.5 " (20.3 cm x 3.8 cm) Semi-Pneum
8" x 2" (20.3 cm x 5.1 cm) Pneumatic 
8" x 2"(20.3cmx5.1cm)Pneumatic with Airl
Chair Weight39 lbs. (17.7 kg)
FootplatesAdult Angle Adjustable 
Kids Angle Adjustable 
Platform Flip-up
Frame MaterialAluminum
Frame StyleRotation-in-Space
HandrimsAluminum Anodized 
Plastic Coated
Seat Depths14" to 22" (35.6 cm to 55.9 cm)
Seat Widths14" to 22" (35.6 cm to 55.9 cm)
User Weight CapacityHeavy Duty: 350 lbs. (158.8 kg)
Standard: 250 lbs. (113.4 kg) 
AccessoriesBlack Spoke Guards
Clear Spoke Guards 
IV Pole 
O2 Holder 
Quickie Backpack 
Seat Pouch 
Vent Tray for LTV Ventilators 
Vent Tray for Trilogy Ventilators
Arm PadsDesk Length - Classic 
Desk Length - Contour 
Full Length - Classic 
Full Length - Contour 
Average Shipping WeightBoxed: 90 lbs. (40.8 kg) and 15 lbs. (6.8 kg) 
Palletized: 150lbs. (68 kg)
Backrest TypeDynamic 
Height Adjustable 
HCPCS CodeE1161
Positioning Belts1.5" (3.8 cm) Auto Buckle 
2" (5.1 cm) Aircraft Buckle 
2" (5.1 cm) Dual Pull Squeeze Pad
2" (5.1 cm) Padded Aircraft Buckle 
Shipping Dimensions20"Lx10"W20"H (50.8 cm L x 25.4 cm
Boxed: 36"Lx28" Wx37"H(91.4cmLx71.1
Transit ApprovedYes
Wheel LocksAttendant (Foot Lock) 
Optional Extension Handle
Push to Lock 
Angle Adjustable Backrest-30° to 5°
Anodized Color OptionsN/A
Axle PlateOne Arm Drive
Back Post OptionsAdjustable Stroller Handles 
Removable Extension
Backrest OptionsN/A
Caster OptionsN/A
Center of Gravity AdjustmentN/A
Footplate OptionsExtension Tubes
Heel Loops 
Leg Strap 
Neoprene Covers 
Toe Loops 
Frame AngleN/A
Frame Color OptionsBlack
Frame InsetN/A
Frame TypeContrature Seat Frame
Frame Options: 
Frame Struts:
Heavy Duty
Vent/Battery Base Tray
Width Adjustable
Front Seat-to-Floor Height12.5" to 19" (31.8 cm to 48.3 cm)
Grade AidN/A
Hangers60° Swing In/Out 
70° Heavy Duty Front Mount Lift-Off 
70° Swing In/Out Front Mount 
70° Swing In/Out 
80° Heavy Duty Front Mount Lift-Off 
80° Swing In/Out Front Mount 
80° Swing In/Out 
90° Elevating 
90° Heavy Duty Front Mount Lift-Off 
90° Swing In/Out Front Mount 
Hub Lock12" (30.5 cm) or 16" (40.6 cm)
Lower Leg Length SettingN/A
Military Service PatchesN/A
Model NumberEIZ4-2
Power AssistN/A
Rear Seat-to-Floor Height12.5" to 19" (31.8 cm to 48.3 cm)
Rear Wheel TireFull Poly 
Low Poly
Pneumatic with Airless Insert 
Rear Wheel Type12" (30.5 cm) Mag 
16" (40.6 cm) Mag 
20" (50.8 cm) Mag 
22" (55.9 cm) Mag 
24" (61 cm) Mag 
24" (61 cm) Spoke
SeatingDrop Seat Pan 
JAY Cushion
Standard Seat Pan 
Side Guard OptionsN/A
Side GuardsPlastic Kids
Plastic Regular 
Special PackagesN/A
Tilt Range40° 
Tilt Release OptionsBackrest Dual Trigger
Foot Release 
Tray TablesLarge 

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B) Back height

C) Width