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Squiggles Stander

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The Leckey Squiggles pediatric stander is a versatile and adjustable 3-in-1 Stander; as a prone stander, a supine stander or an upright stander. In each position, the adjustable postural support ensures optimum comfort and positioning while promoting the benefits of standing.


The therapy stander has a large growth range for kids 1 - 5 years old and is available with a range of indoor and outdoor mobile bases.

Base Options

Base Options
The combination of the standing support and range of base options means kids can benefit from standing therapy in any environment!

The lightweight and robust design of the Leckey Squiggles Stander ensures the system can be easily transferred from one base to another or disassembled for storage or transportation.

Squiggles Support
The Leckey Squiggles Stander can be easily individualized for the postural and comfort needs of a growing child. The fully adjustable pelvic support works for upright, supine, and prone standing positioning providing effective pelvic support and pelvic alignment with the rest of the body in order for standing to be comfortable and therapeutically effective.

Squiggles Support
Benefits of Standing

Benefits of Standing
The Leckey Squiggles Stander has been designed to provide the benefits of standing therapy to children, whilst retaining a child's postural needs. Some of these lifestyle and health benefits include:
Improves pressure relief
Enhances functional reach
Improves range of motion
Supports vital organs and improves circulation
Promotes bone health
Reduces abnormal muscle tone
Improves motor abilities

Playtime Made Easy
Activities such as playing, eating, reading, writing, or chatting with friends are made easy in the Leckey Squiggles Stander, with the option of a deep set activity table that can be used in the upright or prone position.

Playtime Made Easy
User Weight Capacity48.4 lbs (22 kg)
User Height29.5 – 43.5” (749 – 1105 cm)
Age Range1-5 years
Chest supportAngle adjustment: +/- 30°
Depth adjustment: 2” (51 mm)
Chest support height21.5 – 32” (546 – 813 mm)
Chest width6.3 – 9” (160 – 229 mm)
Hip support height11.8 – 20.8” (300 – 528 mm)
Hip width6.3 – 9” (160 – 229 mm)
Distance midline of knees5.5 – 8.4” (140 – 213 mm)
Footplate angleDorsiflexion: 10°
Plantarflexion: 10°
Tray height rangeProne: 21.9 – 32.5” (556 – 826 mm)
Supine: 18.5 – 32.5” (470 – 826 mm)
Tray angle adjustmentProne: 30°
Supine: 40°

Measures Wheelchairs

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A) Deep

B) Back height

C) Width