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Firefly Friends
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The mobility device changing people's lives worldwide.

Upsee is an upright mobility device designed to allow children with motor impairment to stand and move with the help of an adult.

Some have been able to stand and hug their little brother or sister for the first time. Some have waved at neighbours on their first ever walk along their own street. And some crossed the playground hand-in-hand with their best friend for the very first time.They are just little steps – but they mean the world to someone.

Child Harness

Child Harness
Available in 4 sizes: XS for ages 1 & 2 (Purple or Green) S, M, L for ages 3 and up (Blue or Pink).

Adult Hip Belt
One standard size: 24”-42” (60cm-106cm) The childs harness attaches to the adult waist belt.

Adult Hip Belt
Double Sandals

Double Sandals
The infant sandal comes with the XS harness. The standard sandal will be included with S, M & L harness.

Upsee Therapy Programme
Your step-by-step guide to maximising the Upsee’s effectiveness. Choose activities and set goals for your child's therapy.runk. The laterals move up and down to give support where it's needed.

Upsee Therapy Programme
SizeLarge 6 - 8 years
Medium 4 - 6 years
Small 2 - 4 years
X Small 1 - 2 years
Maximum User WeightLarge: 25Kg/55lbs
Medium: 20Kg/44lbs
Small: 15Kg/33lbs
X Small: 15Kg/33lbs
Shoulders to HipLarge: 15" - 16.5" (38-42cm)
Medium: 14" - 15.5" (35-39cm)
Small: 12" - 14" (31-36cm)
X Small: 11" - 13.5" (28-32cm)
Chest CircumferenceLarge: 25" - 28" (63-71cm)
Medium: 22" - 26" (57-65cm)
Small: 20" - 24" (52-60cm)
X Small: 19" - 22" (50-57cm)
Lower Hip CircumferenceLarge: 25" - 29" (64-73cm)
Medium: 23" - 26" (58-67cm)
Small: 20" - 24" (52-60cm)
X Small: 19" - 22" (50-57cm)
BrandFirefly Friends

Measures Wheelchairs

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C) Width