Loh Medical interviews Amalia Perez, competitive weightlifter | Mexico

Loh Medical interviews Amalia Perez, competitive weightlifter | Mexico

1. What disability do you have? When was it acquired or were you born with it?
Since I was born, I have suffered from congenital arthrogryposis, a syndrome that affects one in every 3,000 children. I was the one in those 3,000. This condition is characterized by congenital contractures in the extremities. It manifests at birth as a limitation of movement in the joints of various extremities that is generally not progressive and can include muscle weakness and fibrosis.

2. How did you find out about and get started in adapted sport?
At the age of six, I began to practice swimming as it was part of my rehabilitation. Later, I gradually got into other sports such as basketball, athletics, and table tennis, but I considered these as hobbies. The sport that I practice today is weightlifting and it is the one that has stood out and allowed me to win so many medals. I said this is something I must do. I must prepare for something. I can stand out in this disciple. When I entered the sport at the national level, everyone asked me why I didn't get involved sooner since I already had the qualities of a weightlifter.

3. What category are you and how is classification in for the sport you practice?
The Women's range consists of 10 categories by body weight. The category I am in is 61 kilograms.

4. What equipment do you use for daily use and your sport?
I need a wheelchair to move anywhere, including the training and competition area. This has made it easier to be fluent and fast within the competition, since only two minutes are given to do the lifts. I also use wristbands and a belt mainly. It helps us to have better control with the bar while lifting.

5. What do you think of the inclusion of high performance sports today at the international level?
Inclusion has evolved within the sport, and it demands more of us athletes. Inclusion motivates us, improves our self-esteem, and improves our quality of life. Our training for competition makes us want to perform at our the best to be able to represent our country and put its name on high for everyone to see.

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