Interview with a Standing Chair Owner

August 13, 2019 - by Carolina Borda

Interview with a Standing Chair Owner

One of the experiences that generates the greatest joy for us as providers of assistive technology and promoting the mobility and independence of our patients is to listen to the testimonies - such as that of Fernando Peña, a client who acquired a standing chair that has changed his lifestyle and given him confidence and many more benefits that we will read in this interview.

Fernando Peña was born in the city of Medellín, Colombia, and suffered an accident at a very young age.

What convinced you to make the change to a standing chair?

I have had my spinal cord injury for 26 years and my health has deteriorated over time. Nine years ago I had a burn on my right hip which began to cause ischial ulcers. This triggered many surgeries and the ulcer didn’t heal well. This prevented me from being able to go outside, since the probability of skin damage was very high. Following this, I started looking for a standing chair. I started watching videos and I contacted Loh Colombia to buy the chair.

What was your initial reaction to the standing chair?

The first reaction I had when I received the chair was very anxious, because after 26 years of not standing, I knew it could be a strange sensation. At the beginning when the physiotherapist came, I felt a little fear, the feeling of moving forward, but with practice I was able to overcome it thanks to God.
Now, I enjoy it immensely. I'm not afraid to stop anywhere. I feel very confident and my mind is clearer. The simple act of standing up makes my life better, I can be social, enjoy time with my family. In short, it improved my quality of life.

Was the transition difficult?

The adaptation to the standing chair was a quick process. In less than a week I was already taking the inclination of 80°. I was gradually increasing until I achieved full standing.

How has the standing chair changed your lifestyle?

The standing chair has changed my life completely. My life is totally different. I go to work. I go to any event, any meeting. I have been able to erase from my mind the wounds on my skin due to pressure ulcers.
I thank God that I had the opportunity and resources to buy this chair. I know there are many people in my country who would like to have this technology. For this, I thank Loh Medical for making this type of standing chair available to patients and giving people the option to improve their quality of life.

Do you recommend a standing chair to other people?

Of course. having a standing wheelchair is the best acquisition that a person with a disability can get.
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