Limosa Scooter
Limosa Scooter

Limosa Scooter

Take flight with Limosa®! Compact enough to travel with you but rugged enough to take outdoors, Limosa® scooter combines the performance of a sport scooter with the portability of a travel scooter.
Combines Performance and Portablity
Disassembles into 5 Pieces
Height Adjustable Captain's Seat
Easy Charging
Other Assets
Max User Weight 300 lbs (136 kg)
Back Height 15"
Turning Radius 150 cm
Ground Clearance 4.5 cm
Battery Capacity 12 Ah
Charger 2A
Max Speed 8 km/h
Seat Weight 12.5 kg
Height 84 cm
Battery Weight 5 kg each (2 required)
Length 100 cm
Total Weight 46.5 kg
Maximum Safe Slope 10 degrees at 120 kg
Height of Seat Base 35 cm
Wheels 8" x 2"
Seat Depth 15"
Seat Width 17"
Range 18 km
Argentina Yes
Aruba No
Bahamas No
Barbados No
Bermuda No
Bolivia Yes
Bonaire Yes
Brazil Yes
Chile Yes
Colombia Yes
Costa Rica Yes
Curacao No
Dominican Republic No
Ecuador No
El Salvador Yes
Guatemala No
Honduras Yes
Jamaica No
Mexico Yes
Nicaragua Yes
Panama No
Paraguay Yes
Peru Yes
Puerto Rico No
Trinidad No
Uruguay Yes
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