Advantages of a Special Needs Stroller vs. a Wheelchair

August 03, 2022, by María Inés Seyler

Strollers for children with special needs are an excellent option to support the postural care of children from 0 to 6 years of age.

Children with disabilities spend many hours sitting or lying down, that’s why it’s important that their equipment have adequate postural support. The generally recommended postural supports are: head support, lateral / anterior trunk supports, pelvis supports, seat belt, abductors or adductors. In addition to the adequate supports, it is important that the system offer options for changing positions such as recline and tilt.

Early intervention is defined as the services and supports provided to children with developmental delays. Being able to guide and recommend therapeutic support from an early age makes it possible to fully achieve the functional capacities of each individual and also prevent secondary injuries.

Secondary injuries are considered to be those that occur after a primary injurie or main diagnosis. Some examples of these are secondary injuries are musculoskeletal deformities, muscle shortening, bedsores, pressure ulcers, among others. Secondary injuries are preventable. Positioning systems that offer postural care such as strollers or specialized wheelchairs prevent secondary injuries.

Many parents of children with disabilities hesitate between choosing a stroller or a wheelchair when choosing a positioning system. Below are some points to consider when making the decision:

  • When the little one is between 0-3 years old, the best option will be a stroller since it can be adjusted to their size and provide adequate postural support. There are basic or advanced support options.
  • If the age is 4 years or older, it is important to consider the development of the child, depending on the weight, height and anatomical measurements of the child, the decision must be made between a stroller or a specialized wheelchair.
  • It’s important to consider the growth stages of the child. It is very possible that in the course of the child's life they will have to acquire more than 2 or 3 positioning systems between stroller and chair. It is very difficult for a single system to accommodate all growth. Ideally, each of the systems can be used for at least 3 years before changing it.
  • Taking care of posture and giving adequate support is paramount. The possibility of adjustability allows for better support for the user and ensures that changes can be made according to growth or new support needs that the user may have.
  • Don’t forget transportability and weight. The equipment should match the child’s lifestyle

Maria Ines Seyler, ATP Education Manager

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Strollers for children with special needs are an excellent option to support the postural care of children from 0 to 6 years of age.
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